Wireless Automation System

Part #: 80660

The Wireless Automation System is a 900 MHz radio frequency network with integrated I/O that can operate in most environments while eliminating the need for wiring runs. Wireless radio control systems are built around a Gateway, which acts as the wireless network master device, and one or more Nodes.

The Wireless Automation System is an industrial wireless radio control I/O device with six discrete DIP switch selectable inputs, and six discrete (sourcing) outputs, with DIP switches for user configuration. The system combines Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum (FHSS) technology and Time Division Multiple Access (TDMA) control architecture to ensure reliable data delivery within the unlicensed Industrial, Scientific, and Medical (ISM) bands. The transceivers provide two-way communication between the Gateway and Node, including fully acknowledged data transmission site survey analyses. Lost RF links are detected, and relevant outputs set to user-defined conditions.


The Wireless Automation System provides reliable monitoring, without the burden of wiring or conduit installation, and can operate independently of, or in connection with, a PLC and/or PLC Software. Each wireless radio control system consists of one gateway and one or more nodes. The gateway device works as the master within each radio network system. The gateway initiates communication and reporting with the node. Each node can be connected to a sensor or output device and report back the state of the I/O to the master. The gateway and nodes can be arranged to extend the range (2 miles) of the network or to avoid obstacles in the transmissions path.


  • (1) Gateway P/N 80660G-001-001
  • (1) Node P/N 80660N-001-001
  • (2) Nema 4X Enclosures including 100-240 VAC universal power supply with 24 VDC output
  • (2) Omni-Directional 6dB High Gain antennas with mounting brackets
  • (2) Lighting/Surge arrestors
  • (2) 25′ lengths of coaxial cable with “N” type connectors
  • (4) 24 VDC class “C” relays rated at 6A @ 250 VAC

Power Requirements

  • Supply Power: 12 VDC
  • (15 W power supply included)

Wireless Automation System Gateway

Part #: 80660G


  • Output: 100 mA max current at 30V dc
  • Frequency: 900 MHz distance up to 2 miles (Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum)
  • FCC Part 15 compliant

Operating Environment

  • Indoor or Outdoor Standard: 32° to 122° F

Wireless Automation System Node

Part #: 80660N

Discrete Input

  • Input Rating: 3 mA max current at 30V dc
  • Input Sample Rate: 62.5 milliseconds
  • Input Report Rate: On Change of State
  • 6 Dry Contact Inputs

Discrete Output

  • 100 mA max current at 30V dc
  • ON-State Saturation: Less than 3V at 100 mA OFF-state
  • Leakage: Less than 10 μA
  • Output Update Rate: 125 milliseconds

Relay Outputs

  • 6 Class C Relays Rated 6A @ 250V

*The range of all radio products is dependent on local conditions and antenna selection/location.

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