Solar Power Kits

10 & 20 Watt Solar Power Kits

The Remote Control Technology 10 W and 20 W Solar Power Systems are complete, fully integrated power sources utilizing the latest remote technologies and are designed to provide 12 VDC. Each system provides safe and reliable power generation without the need and expense of installing utility power. The sealed, maintenance-free battery is designed for deep-cycle operation and extended life in solar power applications. The support structure and battery enclosures are strong, lightweight, and corrosion resistant, making them ideal for harsh marine locations or severe weather locations.

For Solar Power Systems greater than 20 Watts or for compatibility with systems not listed, call us today at (866) 701-1146.

Features and Benefits

Solar modules are fully encapsulated to resist harsh conditions

  • Low voltage load disconnect for battery protection
  • Sealed, lead-acid battery designed for deep discharge cycling
  • Corrosion resistant control/battery enclosure
  • Outstanding low-light performance
  • Heavy-duty annodized frames
  • Temperature compensated battery charging
  • Solid state electronics for improved efficiency and reliability
  • Pre-assembled, pre-wired systems to minimize installation time and eliminate wiring errors
  • Low maintenance and operating cost
  • Complete systems reduce specifying and buying time
  • Full system and performance warranty available on prepackaged systems

20 Watt Solar Power Kits

Part #: 09162

Recommended for use with:

Medium Range Wireless Switch System

Long Range Wireless Switch System

Long Range Handheld System

Wireless Multi-Switch Controller

10 Watt Solar Power Kits

Part #: 09163

Recommended for use with:

Short Range Wireless Switch System: 1 channel

Short Range Wireless Switch System: 8 channel

Short Range Handheld System

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